Group wins bid to preserve Tipside trees by the river

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Todmorden Riverside Improvement Group (TRIG) were delighted when Calderdale’s tree officer was able to confirm that their application to seek tree preservation orders for the mature trees on the bank above Tipside in Todmorden had been successful.

After the felling of several mature trees and shrubs on Tipside last Summer, TRIG approached Calderdale to see if the remaining mature trees on the bank above Tipside could be protected by a tree preservation order (TPO), as it was felt these were very vulnerable to future felling.

TRIG spokesperson Penny Bennett said these trees form a green backdrop to the town centre of Todmorden, some have self seeded but others, including some attractive ash, hornbeam and rowan, were planted by the town’s Civic Trust back in the 1970s.

“Most of these trees are now protected, and although we hope this won’t happen, if they are felled in the future the landowner will be compelled to replace them with equivalent trees,” she said.

TRIG have been helped by the Environment Agency and Volker Stevin, engineers on the town’s flood alleviation scheme, to replant some more trees on the lower part of Tipside to replace some lost last summer.

A selection of rowan and crab apple have been chosen, which will be good for birds but the fruit is also useful for making jellies and jams, she said.

TRIG continue to have work parties on the first Monday of every month to clear litter, and carry out general maintenance tasks, and any volunteers will be very welcome. “We have tasks for all levels of capabilities. We’ve also been lucky enough to win some equipment from Kärcher, after entering a community clean up competition, and now have a very smart pavement sweeper, which does a sterling job of clearing the grass from the paths after we have mown!” said Penny.