Incredible Edible: Cop an incredible look at these top volunteers

Volunteers help with planting outside the police station
Volunteers help with planting outside the police station

Gone are the three big green beds which were difficult to work on and pick from. In their place are seven smart, new, easy to reach planters.

Most of the work was done in just two and a half hours one Sunday morning by a group of dedicated determined workers. As well as Todmorden’s own Bob the Builder we had 38 volunteers of all ages, including six from Todmorden recovery centre and the Basement Project. They were all kept very busy, dismantling, sawing, digging, barrowing and shovelling in order to get the job done. Bob and his team had already cut the timber to size and had made it into incredible flat pack planters that just had to be assembled on site, making the job a lot easier.

IET volunteers have also been very busy repairing, painting and replanting the growing beds in front of the Hippodrome Theatre. These are now looking good and will soon be full of herbs and other tasty things to pick.

The new edimental bed on the canal is coming along nicely; more plants are being grown on at the moment and will be added to the bed as soon as they are big enough to take their places in the edible line up.

We have to say a huge thank you to the Old Co-op for allowing us to fit our hose to their tap and use their water over the dry spell. But for their kindness we would have had a real problem and might well have lost some of the new plants before they could establish deep enough roots to survive.

All this work will make what we grow look better not just for visitors, but for all of us who live or work here. We also want the planting to look the best it can so we aren’t letting the side down when the RHS In Bloom judges come around and hopefully give Tod in Bloom a well-deserved gold award this summer.

We want 2017 to be really incredible.