Media hungry for Incredible town

A German film crew shoots footage outside Todmorden Police Station as part of a film about Incredible Edible Todmorden
A German film crew shoots footage outside Todmorden Police Station as part of a film about Incredible Edible Todmorden

First up we must congratulate Todmorden in Bloom for their brilliant success and say a huge thank you to them all for their hard work and the time they put in to make the town blossom for all of us to enjoy.

The last two weekends have been amazing. First there was the fruits of our labour harvest celebration, where community groups around the town came together to make a truly incredible day, and then last weekend so many Incredible Edible groups and members of the Royal Society for Arts and Manufacturing came to town for the two conferences. Most accommodation in and around Tod must have been fully booked.

Both events have already been beautifully covered by the paper so we hope you enjoyed reading about them and maybe spotting yourself in the great array of photos.

You probably noticed the film-makers from Germany and the Channel 4 crew filming an episode of River Cottage.

Well they weren’t the only media folk in town this month. There was also a French TV gardening magazine interviewing residents at random to capture some of the essence of Tod.

Globo, the main Brazilian news channel, was here filming the town centre veg gardens, the children at Ferney Lee school growing and the great things happening down on the Incredible Farm with Nick and his team.

Although our outdoor growing season is almost done, visitors from other parts are still coming.

A group from Alloa in Scotland drove 260 miles to see for themselves what we are doing after hearing a member of IET speak in Glasgow. They went away with a few new ideas, plus Mellings Italian sausages, cheese and other goodies from the market.

We are used to having a SUPER market but seeing it through the eyes of our visitors who don’t have anything like it at home reinforces in us the desire to see this great Todmorden institution survive and prosper.

We soon have a large delegation from Japan coming for a bite of Tod, a real tasty bite too as lunch is being made especially for them by Tony the pie man from Ham Corner.

They can’t fail to be impressed - after all the fame of Tony’s pies has gone right across Europe.

There are still exciting things to come. Mikron theatre company return to the Unitarian Church following their success last year with Losing the Plot.

They now present Beyond the Veil, a tale of hives, honey and homicide.

Don’t miss your chance to watch the intrigue unfold on Saturday, October 19, at 7.30pm. Just walk right into the fabulous Grade I Unitarian and take your seat.

But “bee” warm - wear your woollies as it’s going to be cold in the church, especially late evening.

Coming soon is the opening of the Incredible Aqua Garden at Todmorden High School.

This incredible joint IET Ltd and high school venture is almost ready to open its doors, so watch this space.