School receives millions to start on eco-project

One of the School of Natural Building's previous projects
One of the School of Natural Building's previous projects

Todmorden based School of Natural Building (SNaB) has been jointly awarded 6.3million euros to increase the uses of low carbon technologies in sectors with high energy saving potential.

The grant is from a programme funded by the European Commission and the SNaB originally wanted to use this potential funding in their home town to help re-build Todmorden High school.

When Calderdale Council turned them down, they approached another client, Hastings Borough Council who were keen to take the innovative project forward.

The project is called ‘Up Straw’, and its aim is to showcase sustainable building projects with reduced carbon footprints.

Eileen Sutherland MBA FRSA, one of the Directors of SNaB, said: “This project is a significant milestone on the road to sustainable building across NW Europe.

“We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work with all our partners and can’t wait to get started and make a difference.”

The plan is for a strawbale Visitor Centre in Hastings which will be the first straw building in the Borough.

By working with UK partners Hastings Borough Council and Groundwork South as well as European partners in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, SNaB will help to reduce GreenHouseGas emissions across North West Europe.

Although the project is great for the school, Barbara Jones, Principal of SNaB, wishes the project was taking place closer to home.

She said:“It was very disappointing not to be given the opportunity to work in Todmorden on this ground-breaking project, especially as it would have provided many jobs and training opportunities in the town.

“We haven’t given up though, and are continuing to work towards making Todmorden a beacon of innovation through our projects to build a Strawbale Hotel, and to locate our School at the Community College.”