Tree planting aims to prevent flooding

vOLUNTEERS have helped to plant more than 3,000 trees in the upper Calder Valley to help reduce the risk of flooding.

More than 200 volunteers helped with the planting at ten sites around Todmorden and Walsden to help control the flow of rain water into Walsden Water and the River Calder as part of a new project.

The trees will help to limit surface run-off during heavy rainfall, reduce erosion and delay the amount of water entering rivers from upland areas. This may help to reduce the risk of flooding to local properties.

In addition, a team from the Environment Agency and Volker Stevin Ltd - contractors building the Todmorden Flood Alleviation Scheme phase three - planted almost 700 trees near Walsden last month in the latest round of work.

Charles Forman, Environment Agency project manager, said: “Most of the trees are planted by volunteers from nearby towns and villages.

“This allows them to connect with, enjoy and improve their local environment, meanwhile allowing us to do much more than if we had to pay for the trees to be planted.”

The project is co-ordinated by Treesponsibility and also involves the Environment Agency, Calder and Colne Rivers Trust, the Upper Calder Valley Wildlife Group, Todmorden Moor Restoration Trust, Calder Futures, Calderdale Council, Pennine Prospects and White Rose Forest.

The Environment Agency is contributing £37,000 to the project this financial year.

More volunteers are required during winter. For more information, visit