We need more to join the cause. . .

ANOTHER Incredible Spring has sprung and we need more Incredible volunteers.

Nearly everything we’ve achieved so far comes from people giving their own time.

And we enjoy doing it!

Mark, who’s started to volunteer at the Walsden site, says: “I work at Walsden once a week and see enormous progress as well as real positive change amongst the other workers.”

Not everyone wants to dig and garden.

Volunteer Nicki works in the office for a couple of hours a week and says: “I don’t garden, I don’t grow things but it’s good to feel I can give something back without ruining my nails!”

Volunteering can be pure good fun or help you with whatever is next in life.

Have a look at the special section on our website, or check the list of jobs in the library.

Whatever time you have to spare, even if it’s just an hour a week, we’d love to hear from you.