Farm opens its gates for a new spring and summer of learning

St Joseph's pupils lend a hand last year at feeding time
St Joseph's pupils lend a hand last year at feeding time

Next month sees an educational farm open its gates for a spring and summer of learning events.

Ramsden Farm Educational Access Centre, which is situated on the hills above Walsden, currently has four events planned in, starting in March with a bird project which runs from March 18 to 28.

Yvonne Haworth, of Ramsden Farm, said an ineteresting programme of events had been developed and all visits to the farm are free of charge through sponsorship from Natural England as part of a campaign to get more children out into the countryside.

“It is important that children experience first hand the variety of experience a visit to the countryside has to offer. There is however the cost of transport to consider as the farm is approximately 11 and a half miles from the main Rochdale Road, and some schools have travelled by bus and then walked to the farm. It is accessibly by minibus and there is ample parking for several vehicles.

“The centre has a large teacher’s shelter where short talks can be given whilst sheltered from the weather.

“Practical activities are also carried out in the shelter, making the whole day a unique and exciting experience,” she said,

The farm includes a toilet block and a place where pupils’ possessions can be safely locked away while they are involved in field study work, said Yvonne.

“We don’t have a shop at Ramsden, so visitors will need to bring a packed lunch with them. Although there is shelter, visitors will need warm coats and wellingtons as the weather can be quite cold, even in summer.

“Staff are on hand throughout the visit to lead and support all activities undertaken and to answer any qustions,” she said.

The March bird project looks at the life of a bird, including how they build nests, find food, water and shelter and a look at their feeding habits.

Between April 15 and 26 the focus turns to spring time and lambing, in which they day’s timetable will be dominated by events in the lambing shed.

In June, from 3 to 14, Ugly Bug Days wer held, which include a mini-beast safari, while in the remainder of the academic year in July a series of farm walks and fun days will be hosted at Ramsden.