Farmer Nick’s a hit with Lloyds

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Todmorden’s “Farmer Nick” has sowed, hoed and mowed his way to the final five of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015.All he needs is your vote to help him win the top prize - and £10,000 to help expand his project.

Farmer Nick’s everyday alter-ego is Nick Green, a former biochemist, car restoration expert and sculptor. Nick Green became Farmer Nick in 2012, when he opened the Incredible Farm, which has become both a tourist attraction and an educational resource for the community.

The disused four-acre plot of wasteland on which the farm now stands was given to Incredible Edible Todmorden in 2010 for development. Being a long-standing member, advocate and eventual Treasurer of Incredible Edible, Nick took it upon himself to get stuck in.

The results of his amazing work have won him a place in the Lloyds Bank and School of Social Entrepreneurs competition, where he is the only Yorkshire contender left standing.

Farmer Nick said: “I joined the social entrepreneur thingy to look beyond the carrots and get some big ideas from the business bods.

“Now we have the chance to win some big money which would take us a muddy boot step nearer to our dream of a larger cowmunity farm with more incredible stuff for more local folk.

“A win would also be a huge thank you to all our volunteers, cows, geese and chickens and carrots for being so good and farmy.”

The Incredible Farm fulfils many roles: it hosts junior farmers’ clubs and school visits for children, as well as workshops in traditional skills and agriculture for adults.

It is also a working farm, producing more than 500 fruit trees and selling fresh organic goods in its own shop.

If he wins the top prize, Farmer Nick intends to provide residential training courses, set up a nano-dairy, and further investigate the topics of conservation, green energy and eco-tourism.

See Nick win at the awards ceremony on November 4 by voting for him.

Send a FREE text saying ‘SEYA Nick’ to 67076 or visit to register your vote.