Father-to-be’s wrangle after home repairs

Jamie Begany, pictured with  the new plaster work in his home, Oak Avenue, Todmorden
Jamie Begany, pictured with the new plaster work in his home, Oak Avenue, Todmorden

A father-to-be has spoken of his frustration after routine work to his family home turned into a “stressful and emotional experience”.

Jamie Begany, of Oak Avenue, Todmorden, criticised Pennine Housing and its Calderdale-based sub-contractors after a five-month wrangle with the two organisations.

But Pennine Housing say they remain keen to work with Mr Begany to resolve the issues.

His problems began on September 1 of last year when the sub-contractorsbegan plastering work at his home.

Mr Begany, 34, claims his house was left in an unacceptable state following the work.

“There was bad housekeeping - none of the woodwork had been prepped as there was plaster everywhere, including the bannister, skirtings, window sills, doors and the carpet on our stairs,” Mr Begany said.

“The bathroom lino was caked in wet plaster and dust and the laminate in the hall was saturated.

“The radiators in the bathroom were left off the walls and disconnected and the bannister removed.”

He also claims that the sub-contactors used his Dyson vacuum cleaner to clear wet plaster, leaving it broken.

Mr Begany lodged his complaint with Pennine Housing on September 4.

Five days later, workers returned to the property to reinstate and plumb the radiators.

But he and his pregnant partner Samantha had to wait more than a month for the bannister to be replaced.

And at the end of October, Pennine Housing’s works inspector and housing officer visited the property and requested that the sub-contractors out a full clean of the house after they were left “disgusted” at what they saw, Mr Begany said.

He continued to raise complaints regarding the sub-contractors’ attempts to clean his home, replace the property’s carpet and replace the broken vacuum cleaner - all of which he was unsatisfied with.

In December, Mr Begany eventually took the decision to deal solely with Pennine.

“They were aware of Samantha’s pregnancy, yet they did not resolve any of the issues within a reasonable time.” he said.

“We have never asked for any more than the value of our property damaged by them.

“This has been a very stressful and emotional experience and we have not been able to enjoy what should have been a very joyous time,” he added.

In response to Mr Begany’s complaints, Janette Pearce, Head of Pennine Housing, said: “We are disappointed that Mr Begany is unhappy as we are passionate about ensuring every customer receives a high quality service from Pennine Housing.

“In terms of the work inside Mr Begany’s home, this was undertaken to our normal high standards.

“Pennine do recognise that there was an issue cleaning the property after the plastering work and tried to work with Mr Begany to resolve this. We remain keen to engage with Mr Begany on this issue,” she added.

The firm of sub-contractors declined to comment on the matter.