Feast on our great subscription deal

Phil Leverington at the Community Kitchen, Hebden Bridge Town Hall.
Phil Leverington at the Community Kitchen, Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

SUBSCRIPTIONS to the Hebden Bridge Times and Todmorden News are rising nicely - just like a lovingly made Yorkshire pud!

Phil Leverington, the “Love Food Doctor” who’s been setting Hebden Bridge alight as part of the town’s first food and drink festival this week, is thrilled to be working with produce grown in the Calder Valley as he shares his recipes with keen cooks. He supports the “keep it local” aims of Incredible Edible Todmorden and admires the impressive choice of local fare for the challenge to find the town’s first “HebChef” - see centre pages.

Look sharp as you only have until Hallowe’en to take advantage of our monster subscription offer. Sign up this month and you will save more than 30 per cent on the price of the newspapers. The deadline for this offer is October 31, after which the subscription offer reverts to the usual 25 per cent discount (see further details within the newspaper).

By subscribing now you’ll pay just 41p per copy. You can still collect your paper from your local newsagent, or have it delivered, at a special saving of 31 per cent on the over-the-counter price.

This is how it works:

l Log on to a subscription website or call a hotline where your details and payment will be taken;

l You’ll be sent 26 vouchers to cover the first half of the year;

l Present your voucher at the newsagent or supermarket to receive your newspaper. As you have pre-paid, you won’t need to exchange any money unless paying a delivery charge at your newsagent’s discretion;

l In six months’ time you will automatically be sent the next 26 weeks’ worth of vouchers;

l You don’t have to worry about renewing your subscription as this is a recurring direct debit. Call 0844 991 6464 or visit www.subscriptionline.co.uk/hbt or /tod, depending on which paper you wish to order, quoting the special codes HBTOP0006 or TODOP0006.