Fekri: Why I had to leave the Lib Dems

THE councillor at the centre of the row has explained why he left the party to join Labour.

Coun Nader Fekri said he could no longer support what the party was doing at a national level.

In a letter to his former colleagues in the Lib Dem Group on Calderdale Council, he wrote: “The national situation has caused me much anguish and from the start, I have made no secret of my opposition to the decision to enter into a coalition with the Conservative Party. I accepted the decision as a good democrat, hoping against hope that my fears would be unfounded and that the Tories would change their spots and be able to be trusted. But the Conservatives have once again shown themselves to be reliably untrustworthy, reliable in their attacks on the poor, and not to be trusted to keep their side of the bargain.”