Former Todmorden resident makes New Year's Honours list

Former Todmorden resident Nancie Shackleton
Former Todmorden resident Nancie Shackleton

Nancie Shackleton, a former Todmorden resident, was named this week in the New Year’s Honours list and will be awarded a British Empire Medal for services to policing.

Nancie attended Castle Hill and Todmorden High school, and is the youngest daughter of Lucy and the late Jack Shackleton of Old Hall Farm.

She moved out of the area when received a women’s basketball scholarship to the USA and studied criminology at Hampton University, Virginia.

Over the last 16 years Nancie has worked in a variety of civilian roles for Lincolnshire Police, finishing as the Assistant Chief Officer (Resources), which is the highest position a civilian can attain.

She said: “I had just come back from visiting my Mum in Todmorden one evening and saw an envelope marked ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and I assumed it was something to do with tax and muttered a few words - like anyone would!

“Later that evening I opened it and thought that something was strange because it was typed on really posh yellow paper and as I turned it over, I saw the Cabinet Office emblem. I read the first paragraph, and whilst I am not a religious person, I looked up and said Dad - I’ve got a medal.”

Whilst Nancie, who has worked regionally across East Midlands Police region, is pleased to have been recognised for her individual contribution, she regards herself as “simply one tiny part of a much larger team. My colleagues do amazing things everyday for people who face devastating news.”

Nancie was nominated for the honour by the former Deputy Chief Constable, Heather Roach.

Lincolnshire Police, Chief Constable Bill Skelly, said: “We share a great sense of pride for Nancie, our former ACO Resources, for being awarded BEM in the New Year’s Honours list.

“Nancie has spent a significant period of her career with Lincolnshire Police and it is fantastic to see her achievements whilst serving our communities and supporting our teams recognised with this award. Congratulations Nancie.”

Nancie will attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace with her mum. She said: “My mum met the Queen a couple of years ago but is more excited than a young child on Christmas Eve at the prospect of returning to the Palace.”