Foundation helps to rebuild lives

Floods in the Calder Valley. Pumping out the water at Foundry Square, Todmorden.
Floods in the Calder Valley. Pumping out the water at Foundry Square, Todmorden.

THE Community Foundation for Calderdale (CCFC) has received more than 100 applications for grants from its flood relief fund, including 77 from Todmorden.

After the first floods struck on June 22, CCFC set up a fund to provide assistance to people affected by the devastation.

A total of 115 applications have been received from residents in the upper Calder Valley.

More than £32,000 has already been given to flood victims in the area, including £19,000 to Todmorden residents.

Rachel Julian, from CCFC, said: “Streets of homes in Todmorden were just devastated.

“So many people had lost virtually everything in the lower half of their homes, many losing all of their kitchen equipment, rendering them unable to cook food, store food or wash clothes.

“Some have even had to leave their homes.

“The grants from the foundation enable people to start to rebuild their homes.

“We can’t change what has happened but we can try to help to ease the strain and worry felt by many many households in the upper valley. I have visited people who have been devastated by what has happened to them and when I tell them they can apply to the foundation for a grant to help with replacing things like fridges and washing machines it truly eases some of the worry they are feeling.”

The whole community has rallied round to support the flood relief fund, with donations coming in from various groups and organisations.

Anybody who would like to make a donation can do so online at or via phone by texting cffc01 followed by the amount to 70070.

Flood victims can apply to the fund for grants of £150, or £250 in exceptional circumstances.

Residents who have not yet applied for a grant can do so at Customer First or the Citizens Advice Bureau, both of which are at Todmorden Community College.

Todmorden Town Council is looking at making a contribution to the flood relief fund to help victims in the town.