Friends outline chapel progress

Lumbutts Chapel, Lumbutts, Todmorden
Lumbutts Chapel, Lumbutts, Todmorden
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The Friends of Lumbutts Chapel have outlined the progress they have made in efforts to save the building as a community amenity and secure the graveyard’s future.

A public meeting held at the chapel last week saw attendees vote to support continued efforts to pursue community ownership of the building.

Rik Storah reviewed the sources of funding grants, the potential income to support ongoing costs through various community uses and how acquisition of the building might be achieved.

Alison Lowe gave the options for the graveyard of private, council or community ownership and the different obligations for each one.

She said Calderdale Council had expressed an interest in creating a municipal cemetery but that would involve an extension into the adjoining field.

There was an overwhelming preference among those present for community ownership, although private and council involvement would be considered provided certain covenants and restriction were in place.

Following the outcome of the meeting, the Friends group has decided that specific policies should be formulated with regard to providing a list of possible uses by the community prior to any grant application, the willingness of the Methodist circuit to accept certain proposals and how the future upkeep of any acquisition could be financed.

Small groups have nominated to investigate these specific issues and asked to report back at the next meeting.

Anyone with ideas for community use of the building is asked to call 01706 813365.