From collages to our work with fabrics, competition was keen

MORE results in the children’s arts and crafts classes at the show were as follows.



Collage not stitched (nine years and over): 1, Liam Hartley, Walsden; 2, Eve Williams, Todmorden C of E; 3, Michael McMonamin, St Joseph’s.

Clay modelling or pottery (eight years and under): 1, Kade Cook, Stansfield Hall; 2, James Wright, Shade; 3, Ben Roberts, Todmorden C of E. Clay modelling or pottery (nine years and over): 1, Jade Beard, South Parade; 2, Olivia Winfield, Bury; 3, Eleanor Kelly, Cornholme.

A mask (eight years and under): 1, Henry Ashton, Todmorden C of E; 2, Rosie Taylor, Walsden; 3, Liam Stewart, Todmorden C of E. A mask (nine years and over): Caitlin Steele, Ferney Lee; 2, Olivia Krogulski, Walsden; 3, Hannah Montgomery, Ferney Lee.

Group entry, any category (eight years and under): 1, 2 and 3, Todmorden C of E. Group entry, any category (nine years and over): 1 and 2, Shade; 3, Ferney Lee After School Textile Club.


Fabric craft: 1, 2 and 3, Siobhan Beaudin, Warrington. Pottery craft (key stage 3): 1, Tom Gee, Todmorden High; 2, Jenny Lea, Todmorden High; 3, Sophie Leeming, Todmorden High.

Pastels and painting

Playgroups and nurseries: 1, Anna Vasey, Cornholme; 2, Flynn McDaniel, Ferney Lee; 3, Lydia Beard, South Parade. Reception: 1, Lily Landale, Todmorden C of E; 2, Eliza Krogulski, Walsden; 3, Jacob Scawthorn, Cornholme.

Year 1: 1, Riley Hewson-Betts, Todmorden C of E; 2, Gretal Harper-Wolfenden, Ferney Lee; 3, Finlay Harris, Shade. Year 2: 1, Evie Gledhill, Walsden; 2, L. Hunter, Castle Hill; 3, Milly Ringland-Elswood, Walsden. Year 3: 1, Isobel Powell, Crossgate; 2, Mark Campbell, Walsden; 3, Jamie Feber, Walsden.

Year 4: 1, Lucy Sullivan, Shade; 2, Molly Greenwood, Shade; 3, Holly George, Shade. Year 5: 1, Barney Sheehan, Castle Hill; 2, Cameron Priestley, Walsden; 3, Ben Cook, Walsden. Year 6: Edward Demkowicz, Cornholme; 2, M. Farrington, Todmorden C of E; 3, B. Pearce, Castle Hill.

Years 7, 8 and 9: 1 and 2, Susanne Leah, Todmorden High; 3, Jamie Wilson, Todmorden High. Years 10 and 11: 1, H. Robson-Philips, Todmorden High. Sixth form: 1, D. Westney; 2, P. Hawkerd; 3, S. Carey.