Fundraiser will help theatre keep out the wet

James Claxton keeps the costumes dry at TAODS
James Claxton keeps the costumes dry at TAODS

WINTER weather is playing havoc with the town theatre’s fabric.

The Hippodrome Theatre, Halifax Road, Todmorden, is run by the volunteers of Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society who have been facing a running battle over recent weeks to protect the costume store from water getting in.

Steve Clarkson who manages the maintenance projects for the building says: “The high winds and heavy snow and rain have caused us problems already this winter. We have water getting into the building, most noticeably on the back stairs and into the costume store and we are working hard to get these fixed.”

Steve said the theatre has been one of the most loved and respected buildings in the community for over a hundred years, but every year it gets older and requires more and more attention.

“Winter is historically the most expensive season for maintenance costs and this year it is proving tougher than ever due to the prolonged cold snap that brought unprecedented freezing temperatures to the town in December,” he said.

“It is a constant battle. There are more jobs to do than people to do them and money is always an issue. That’s why we rely on fundraisers. They help pay for immediate work that needs to be done.”

Next up, tomorrow night (Friday, January 28) is Jeff Brailsford’s one-man show in which he celebrates the jokes and lives of the comedy stars of yester-year. reviving some of the great acts of the 1940s and 50s, including Max Miller, Cyril Fletcher, Sandy Powell and Tommy Trinder.

An after-show supper is also available for the one-off performance with half of all ticket sales going towards the Hippodrome’s maintenance. TAODS are hoping that cash will come rolling in as the audience roll about in the aisles, said Steve.

Tickets priced £6 are available from the Todmorden Tourist Information Centre (01706 818181), online at or at the box office on the night.