Gardeners exploring opportunities to find more growing space

A SMALL group of gardeners and Incredible Edible Todmorden have been exploring opportunities for people to share land and growing space with others who want to grow their own food.

The concept, known as Landshare, involves people who have land or a garden which, for various reasons they cannot use to its full potential, making the space available to would-be food growers.

Landshare has proved successful in several parts of the country and the Todmorden project has been exploring how to make more growing space available locally.

Local councils and commercial organisations are also being invited to consider if they have any suitable sites to donate or loan that are not being made use of at the moment, or perhaps to instigate their own in-house scheme.

A meeting to explain the Landshare concept in more detail will be held on Friday, November 16, at 7.30pm at the new Todmorden Community Resource Centre, Lever Street car park.

It aims to match up any useable sites with people interested in the opportunity of access to workable land.

There will a chance to see films of similar projects and to hear from people with Landshare experience.