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During Fairtrade Fortnight,Hebden Bridge Fairtrade Forum and Calderdale World Development Movement are hosting a public discussion with a presentation by Ms Aimeth Alicia Fernandez Angula, a Columbian producer of Fairtrade bananas.

‘Fair trade – fair food?’ will take place on Friday, February 28, at the Methodist Church, Market Street, Hebden Bridge 7pm for 7.30pm. Fairtrade refreshments will be available.

Rachel Johnston, of Calderdale World Development Movement, said that estimated UK retail sales of Fairtrade products increased in value from £51 million to over £1000 million in the first decade of this century, boosted by supermarkets stocking more Fairtrade lines.

Around 30 per cent of banana sales are now Fairtrade, and many supermarkets no longer sell any other kind. But how much difference does this make to the producers?

And Elsa Fairbanks of Hebden Bridge Fairtrade Forum said: “This is an opportunity to leapfrog the huge corporate retail and distribution networks of our food suppliers, and talk directly to someone who grows food that we buy.”

Furthermore, do Fairtrade bananas on supermarket shelvesrepresent a form of global food justice, added Rachel?

“Many people feel that global markets and multinational corporations have too much control over the way food is produced, distributed and sold. Advocates of food sovereignty put the people who produce, distribute and consume food at the centre of decisions on food systems and policies. The evening will also include a short WDM film about these ideas, to stimulate a wider discussion about the way our food system is managed. The event aims to link the concerns of local food growers and consumers with global perspectives on food justice and fairness,” she said.