Getting to grips with Big Society

TODMORDEN is hosting a conference this month on localism and the Big Society agenda.

Keynote speakers include Hazel Blears MP and Paul Schofield from the Cabinet Office

Sweeping changes in legislation mean that local authority services, planning laws and funding arrangements will look very different in the near future.

The conference, at Todmorden Town Hall on Saturday, November 19, from 10am to 3.30pm, will probe questions such as: How will small towns and rural communities meet the challenges posed by the new laws? Will large private sector corporations swallow up local services?

Hazel Blears is a former former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and Mr Schofield is a member of the Cabinet Office’s Local Intelligence Team.

Calderdale Councillor Barry Collins will be leading a workshop at the conference on social enterprises.

Other workshops are looking at volunteering, funding issues, engaging young people, partnership working and community-led planning.