Getting together to keep young guests busy!

Activities well under way at Kidsfest. Picture by Jim Fitton
Activities well under way at Kidsfest. Picture by Jim Fitton

Kidsfest returned this past weekend - an afternoon dedicated to the children of Todmorden, and any visiting youngsters.

An estimated 800 people passed through the doors of Todmorden Town Hall to take part in a range of activities including craft, games and rock climbing.

There was a theatre group doing Christmas pantomimes, a church group making chests and even Age Concern provided a quiet corner for people to take a breather from all of the festivities. Festival organiser Mary Clear said: “It was fantastic - it was busy all day.

“The Town Hall is left for the people of Todmorden, but rarely are our town halls and civic buildings used for children.

“So children get to be scooting around in the ballroom with glitter and glue everywhere - and they get to see the splendour of their own heritage, which is really important for them.”

Refreshments were provided by the volunteers at the food drop-in who ran a cafe to raise money to help people needing food over Christmas.

Every year local garden centre Gordon Rigg’s donate craft items to the festival so children can take what the make home.