Girl power strikes at the art of town festival

Girls Allowed - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Girls Allowed - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
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Events are selling out fast as this year’s Hebden Bridge Arts Festival throws open its doors to the public.

And sisters are doing it for themselves as the celebration of skills is marked with some wonderful wordsmithery from singer/songwriters, poets and authors.

Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff’s blog says it all, according to festival co-ordinator Helen Meller. Used to Be Somebody tells of a manic working mother who had finally had enough of having it all and who is now trying to have a life instead.

She’s even written a book on the subject, Half a Wife, which she’ll be discussing at the library on Saturday, June 30.

So is it possible to have a family, a relationship and a career without something having to give? Helen said: “Hebden Bridge is full of families juggling work and family life. There are a lot of stay-at-home mums and dads, freelance homeworkers and couples trying hard to get the work/life balance right. It’ll be fascinating to see how Gaby’s experience resonates with mothers here in the valley.”

In Kate Fox’s opinion, the answer to most of life’s thorny problems is to write a poem. Going to Gregg’s more than once a week? You might be piecotic. Washing your car give you all the joy you seek? You’re probably auto erotic. Belgian accent and a curly, black ‘tache? You must be Poirotnoid, Like visiting graveyards and churches and sometimes get the urge to dust pew rails and take church vows? AsVergers Syndrome. All this from a woman who has been described as Victoria Wood channeling Sylvia Plath! Kate invites you to join her at the Stubbing Wharf for a rambunctious poetry slam on Sunday, July 1.

Authors Kate Summerscale and Jane Green attend the nine-day festival while musicians include Becky Unthank and ‘70s folk icon Julie Felix. Visit or call at the Albert Street box office for details.