Girl tells court of shock at witnessing Danny Parekh killing

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A TEENAGE girl has told a jury how she was left in shock after witnessing the stabbing of Bulwell man Danny Parekh.

The girl, who cannot be identified because of a court order, described how Mr Parekh (21) was attacked in the early hours during an incident at the play park on Oakleigh Street, Old Basford.

Giving evidence to a jury at Lincoln Crown Court via a pre-recorded video interview the girl, who was 14 at the time of the incident, said she witnessed a youth she named as ‘Josh’ stab Mr Parekh.

Joshua Davey (20, is alleged to have murdered Mr Parekh after stabbing him 16 times.

A teenage boy, who was then 15, is also accused of murder.

The prosecution alleges he wanted revenge on Mr Parekh after being humiliated in front of his friends by the father-of-one just hours earlier.

The teenage girl, now 15, said she was at the park with a number of friends including Mr Parekh when the teenage boy facing the murder charge arrived.

She told the jury: “I saw the boy walk past the park with his hood up. He walked right round and turned the corner.

“That’s when I saw the boy Josh come. He had a black bandanna around his mouth and a hood up. You couldn’t see his face at all.

“I was in shock. I just went blank. He got something out of his pocket and whipped it out. It was a knife. It was a Stanley blade. One of them things you cut carpet with

“He dropped it but then picked it back up. He started slicing at Danny’s arms and legs.

“Danny tried to back away and then he slipped and was on his back. He got stabbed on his bum three or four times. Then he got slit on his arm. He stabbed him all over his legs.

“Danny tried to get straight back up but fell down. Josh then ran back to the Eastcroft Estate. No-one could do anything. Everyone was in shock.

“People started to come out of the houses. I ran straight to him and he was pouring with blood. Danny didn’t have nothing to defend himself. He had his fists and that was it.”

She told the jury the boy accused of murder then walked up and started laughing before leaving the scene with Josh.

“Danny was like ‘I’m going to die’. I said to be strong for me and his son. He was alright until the ambulance came. Then I left him.”

The girl said that earlier she had been out with friends into Nottingham city centre where they met a number of youths including the boy facing the murder charge.

She admitted she had drunk ‘loads’ of alcohol including brandy and vodka and said the boy had also been drinking spirits.

Later, after they returned to the Highbury Road area, she said she was fly-kicked in the mouth by the boy leaving her with a cut lip.

The jury has heard that the girl went to Danny Parekh’s house for assistance and Parekh subsequently confronted the boy, hitting him with a metal pole in front of his friends.

The prosecution say that the boy felt humiliated and fetched Davey to exact his revenge.

The jury has heard that less than 24 hours after the stabbing Davey left Nottingham and flew out to Malaga, Spain, where he was later detained under a European arrest warrant. The teenage boy also arranged to leave Nottingham quickly. He was arrested at a house in Mansfield.

Joshua Davey, who at the time was living in Bulwell, and a boy,who is now 16, both deny murder on 7th July last year.

The boy, who cannot be identified, also denies encouraging or assisting to carry out an assault on Danny Parekh and a further charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to the teenage girl by kicking her in the face.

The trial continues on Monday.