Good turns earn staff hearty meal

Incredible Edible Todmordenvolunteers served a "thank you" meal for Volker Stevin workers
Incredible Edible Todmordenvolunteers served a "thank you" meal for Volker Stevin workers

THEY say one good turn deserves another, and for a group of workers in Todmorden that meant a specially home-cooked lunch as a festive “thank you”.

Contractors Volker Stevin have been carrying out work on ongoing flood alleviation work around town over the past year for the Envronment Agency.

But they have developed closer links to the community, and all age groups, ranging from children to senior citizens.

For example, they provided 30 outdoor gardening suits for children at Shade School, and alongside community groups helped run this year’s Kidsfest festival, and they have also helped older people when they have been unable to work safely on the flood project.

Incredible Edible Todmorden volunteers have been so impressed by the company’s commitment to the community while they are here that they cooked up a special meal, using Todmorden grown or sourced produce, as a “thank you” to them in the run up to Christmas.

Other special guests the Mayor and Mayoress of Todmorden, Coun Richard White and Rev Sandy White, were also there to greet the workers and thank them on behalf of the town.

Mary Clear of IET said: “They have helped us in Todmorden in all sorts of ways while they have been here.

“For example, when it has been too dangerous to work in the river they have undertaken tasks like gritting around older people’s homes.

“They have also done things like providing the outdoor gardening suits for schoolchildren.

“When it was icy this week they also gritted all around the market,” she said.

By way of thanking them on behalf of the community, volunteers served up a hearty meal for around 20 Volker Stevin staff at the company’s Salford, Todmorden, site, in two sittings.

“We used local cheese and bread made in Todmorden and a stew made from the finest local ingredients, everything coming from Todmorden,” said Mary.

Some home-made Christmas pudding cakes completed the menu of a waqrming meal served up on a cold and wet day!

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