Grit bin warning

Calderdale Council has issued a reminder that salt provided in grit bins around the borough should only be used by residents on public roads.

The reminder comes after people were spotted taking salt from the grit bins on Myrtle Street and Bramsche Square, in Todmorden town centre, during the snow last week and loading it into a vehicle.

When members of the public questioned them, they got into the vehicle and drove away.

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council said: “The salt provided in grit bins is intended for residents to use on public roads.

“If people report to the council that grit is not being used for this purpose, the council will work with the police.

“People can ask to have grit bins re-filled by calling the council’s contact centre on 0845 2456000, or by making a request on the council’s website under the “request gritting or grit bin refill” section.”