Group issues volunteer appeal, and gives insurance consultation advice

Mike Watts of Todmorden Flood Group
Mike Watts of Todmorden Flood Group
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An appeal for extra volunteers and advice concerning insurance been made by Todmorden Flood Group.

Mike Watts, chairperson of Todmorden Flood Group said: “Perhaps understandably, the massive community commitment displayed after the 2012 and 2013 flooding events has waned.

“In the intervening two years, the Todmorden Flood Group has been working with community groups, Calderdale Council, the Environment Agency and others to help our local community to cope with future flood events.

“The group are about to publish a series of local flood plans that will cover seven local flood zones: Walsden; Bacup Road; Shade and Gauxholme; Salford; Central Todmorden / Keysike Lane; Centre vale and Burnley Road; and Eastwood.

“The group is in the process of buying and stocking flood containers with the type of equipment needed to help prepare for and cope with local flooding.

“To make this facility work, we need the help of local people to do things like help keep drains clear, report problems, provide advice, help protect vulnerable people during flood events and to help to clean up properties and communal areas after flooding.

“If you live in any of these areas and want to help before, during and after flood events, please contact us - by email or by texting or telephoning 0777 404 2455.”

Mr Watts said another major community concern is insurance. Many households and businesses are quoted unaffordable premiums and ludicrously high excesses while others are refused cover entirely. Some time ago, the Government announced that it intended to introduce legislation to ensure that everyone could get affordable insurance.

“In July this year a consultation document about Flood Re, the new system for flood risk insurance for residential properties in the UK, due to be introduced in July 2015, was published. Unlike previous agreements, it covers both the availability of insurance and its affordability.

“Primary legislation was put in place when the Water Bill received Royal Assent in April. Now, the new Flood Re organisation needs to be set up, financial and prudential assurance issues dealt with, European Commission State Aid permission sought and secondary legislation put in place.

“The consultation on secondary legislation sets out the details of the new scheme. It is important for as many people to respond as possible by September 16, so that the views of those most affected can be heard,” he said.

Mr Watts said the documentation, including an online questionnaire, can be viewed or downloaded at and can also get copies of these documents from the Government’s Flood Insurance Team, email or telephone 0207 238 6239.