Group learns about diabetes

A TALK on diabetes was given to Todmorden Patients’ Participation Group by Dr P. Dinesh Kumar, assisted by Sister Vicky Challenger.

At the Todmorden Health Centre practice there are 600 patients with the illness and in England five per cent of three million - and probably a million who have not been diagnosed. Each person attending the meeting at Central Methodist Church received a diabetes risk scoresheet to complete for themselves or family members.

Dr Kumar explained that doctors aim to keep the problem under control by either tablets or insulin, to avoid any complications. Diabetics need to keep a check on blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as blood sugar count.

Annual checks take place for retinal eye screening, examination of feet and urine testing for protein to keep good kidney function. It is very important for family members to be monitored as they are in a risk group if one member is diabetic.

Anyone interested in joining Todmorden Patients Participation Group should contact the secretary, Barbara Brierley, on 01706 812751.