Group’s plea for help to find missing Buddha statue

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Hebden Bridge Zen Group is appealing for help to find its missing much-loved Buddha statue.

The statue, a donation to the group, has sat outside its Hope House, Cheetham Street, base for more than two years until the Boxing Day floods.

Now, the group is urging anyone with information about the statue’s whereabouts to come forward.

A statement from the group said: “It sat through wind and rain and snow and sun and through all of the floods too without moving once, even when the water was about a foot over his head.

“On Tuesday, January 26, we noticed that the statue was missing.

“We know that Buddhism is all about non attachment but we’ve had plenty of practice with that due to the recent floods and would like the lovely statue back. “Please bring our Buddha back or let us know where the statue is so we can fetch it.”

The statue is desribed as being very heavy, a little over a foot high, with a green sheen.

Send any information to 07970 425 932 or drop a note through the door of Hope House.