Growing for grown-ups

ARE you a grafter? Or would you like to learn?

Join IET’s new - free - courses to find out how to propagate by grafting – an ancient skill you can easily learn.

Rootstock and scions will be provided. And yes, we’ll tell you what all the words mean too (you make things grow by attaching tried and tested ‘stock’ to what you’re growing)! The Grafting course is just a half a day.

We all know bees are essential for pollination and of course honey is lovely, but our British bee population is declining. You can help by starting a hive without getting stung and we’ll teach you how on the beekeeping course.

But maybe you’re looking for something simpler for now.

Basics of fruit and veg growing is three hours a week for five weeks and is for people who are starting out and don’t quite know what to do, or how to do it.

You’ll learn to make a raised bed, sow seeds and grow them; then there’s feeding and protection from disease, followed of course by harvesting. It starts on Thursday, February 17, and is held at Offshoots, Towneley Hall, Burnley. Transport is provided.

To support that course there’s one on pruning, when a commercial expert will take you through the ins and outs of an important skill in food gardening.

Or if it’s your fitness you’d like to improve, pop in to the Health Buzz where a professional dietician and physical trainer can help you with healthy eating and exercise.

Or learn how to grow Edible Fungi on our course at Ferney Lee and the Unitarian Church. Or Maybe Herbal Medicine could be a new interest for you, or you want to expand your knowledge.

The professional tutor will show you how to really make your own herbal remedies.

It’s not just our children who need to learn about food, growing and cooking. That’s why we’re putting on a series of courses.

They’re free to people in Calderdale who are 19 years of age and over. Some people have been complaining lately about the OL14 postcode, but this time, it gives you priority as a Todmorden resident! That’s because Calderdale Adult Learning funds the whole series of our courses.

To find out more go to our web site at and follow the link to courses. There are seven courses to choose from altogether.

Apply now by emailing our Food Inspirer or phone 07736 683 168.