Hair and beauty by Loucas Giorgio, Stone Hair Art: See rainbows...and get ready for a chance

It's a new season and the chance to try out new colours and styles for your hair
It's a new season and the chance to try out new colours and styles for your hair

“It’s spring! How many colours can see you see? I can see a rainbow!”

Stone Hair Art’s business manager Trevor Harding is excited about the new future of hair colour, and his award winning colour specialist team have been well trained and are ready to offer this spring’s exciting feeling and freshness to customers old and new, in a brand new and exciting way.

The world’s best known fashion designers presented a real bumper version of nature’s palette this fashion season, especially embracing florals as inspiration, while exaggerating forms and natural patterns. The mouth-watering pieces seen on the catwalks of London, Milan and New York left us hankering for warmer weather and tones, and now the good news is we all have the chance to wear these delectable warm hues on our hair, safely, and with stunning professional results.

All we have to do is find the right talent; those who have already prepared and invested in the newest procedures to achieve your new fresh look. In order to compliment this season’s exquisite new brilliance you have to abandon your old hair dyeing ways.

Your hair this season needs to be just as brilliant and beautiful and just as sophisticated as the fashions being shown, and it can be; with colour that looks as natural, warm and vibrant as the flowers that are springing up around us.

So “florals” are in! And it’s anything but ditzy, with shades light years away from granny’s “twin set” of yesteryear; and the fashion industries wise and most experienced colour technicians are quickly moving forward. New products, new systems, new techniques offer you the brightest of hues, applied using safer, healthier, and friendlier products and techniques. This is what Spring/Summer 2013 is all about.

The tired toxic, fumigating old ways of applying colour are as dead as the hair abused by them for years; they are being replaced. Are you ready for a change?

For more than 40 years Loucas Giorgio, artistic director at Stone Hair Art in Todmorden, has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to hair colour and its newest and most natural applications and this season is no exception. The award-winning high street salon’s 2013 Spring/Summer colour collection, with its organic and odourless formulas, and delectable fashion led shades, features a host of brilliant new tones and new ways of applying them that are safer and better lasting than the past.

To complement this season’s thoroughly fresh spring look, your hair needs stunning colour and shine as well as lasting colour and a healthy feeling and that is why Stone Hair relies on products like Joico Fudge and Blazing Lights. Great looking hair can be yours at a reasonable price if you know where to look.