Hair and beauty by Loucas Giorgio, Stone Hair Art: Sometimes just a few hairs need colouring

There are new techniques to colouring this spring
There are new techniques to colouring this spring

Lucy Gregory, head of colour at Sone Hair Art, enthuses: “I love the Blazing Lights new shades we just incorporated in the salon.”

“I know that when I use Blazing Lights I am giving my clients high fashion colours and 100 per cent natural looking coverage.”

Jenny Baldwin, colour technician at Stone Hair Art agrees, “This spring is all about getting away from those artificial colours of ages past; it’s time to embrace organic colours such as Fudge Vibrant Red and Copper and Joico Platinum; returning to natural looking colour which is easily achieved when you have been properly trained and know how to use today’s advanced techniques.”

Loucas trains his staff diligently. “You have to know exactly what to do and when to do it if you want the best results. The new solution for grey hair means painting each grey hair out individually, one by one! It is painstaking for today’s colour technician, but at Stone we know it’s the right way; the only way to give our clients the new freshness this season demands.”

Trevor, the manager, demands the best from his staff, and offers this advice: “You don’t run off for a face lift the minute you see the beginnings of a wrinkle, so why dye all your hair, just because you’ve got a few new grey hairs coming through? Why put your whole head of hair through a process, when only a few hairs require it at the time?”

“Good colourists are as much about temperament as they are technique,” says Loucas, artistic director and founder of Stone Hair Art. “The ability to be patient, and to do only what is best for our client, not rushing, not taking the easy way out; that is paramount when you have switched on clientele like ours. We have to be perfectionists by nature, because our client is.”

Covering stray greys and touching up roots while preserving your own natural colour is set to be the next big trend in salon services and hair care products.

So now you know, applying “living” colour and renewing your own hair’s natural glamorous texture and lustre is easy when you know the right people, in the right salon, with the right process.

Are you ready? Why not step in and see what colours this spring and summer can offer you?