Hair and beauty by Stone Hair Art: Salon’s stylists discuss the season’s key looks

Joanne Scholfield, cut by Loucas, colour by Jenny, colour technician at Stone Hair Art, Todmorden
Joanne Scholfield, cut by Loucas, colour by Jenny, colour technician at Stone Hair Art, Todmorden

Loucas Giorgio takes an opportunity to comment on his team:

Jenny, Shannon, and Tom are bringing in the key looks for this season’s blondes, brunettes and redheads.

“Bright start and icy white with beautiful blondes are the hits along with platinum ice, white and golden blonde,” confirms Jenny Baldwin, technical director.

“We expect a move away from duller blondes to cleaner brighter ice white tones and golden siren Hollywood blondes; the perfect complement to the new season.”

Wow! That should brighten even the dullest rainy day! I used to love the glamorous hair diva’s like Marylyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani.

Bold and clean, that’s what it’s all about this season. Great looking blondes seem to be back and Jenny says: “Especially good when showcased on a little pixie crop, dishevelled up-do and a perfect bob, all set to continue to be popular for the rest of the year!”

Hair salon conversation among people who know what they are talking about always inspires, and when the atmosphere is passionate it is contagious.

You want to explore what can be done, what’s new, what’s exciting.

Shannon, the salon’s most recent design award recipient, says: “A global blond can be hard to maintain. But fortunately ‘grungy blonde’ looks are also key this season. Dark roots look cool now rather than unkempt. There’s also room for rainbow colours and turquoise, blues, and pinky violet roots as well.”

Tom, who also focuses on men’s hair fashion, says: “Blonde is also the perfect canvas for other shades.

“It’s ideal for my younger trendy clients or those just wanting to shake things up with a splash of different colour for the season.

“This look is all about creating hidden depth of colour within the hair. Rather than having all over bright colours or dip dyed ends, we have created a new look, for instance for top model Greta (pictured in the article above) sported powder blue streaks, placed at the bottom of the perfectly cut bob with shadow roots for a cheeky play on the colour trend.”

Stunning! Greta looks ready for any of the world’s catwalks. I have to blink and take a second to remind myself I am still in the foothills of West Yorkshire.

Tom says: “Red has never been a shade for the shy and retiring type and this season the trend for head turning hues shows no sign of abating.

“Unlike the previous year’s ‘hyper fake’ look, which gave hairdressers across the country colour correcting nightmares, this summer is less about ‘Rihanna reds’ and more about high definition versions of natural hues.”

In such a precise world of pixels and bits, I see Tom’s point, hues have to be just right, either you have it or you don’t!

Tom elaborates: “Copper, auburn, and ruby all get amped up for this season. It’s all about vibrant saturated shades with high gloss and super natural finish. They would be more subtle than ‘cartoonesque’ pillar box red, but they will still have the ‘wow’ factor!”

Shannon says: “Emerald is Stone Hair’s official colour for 2013, what better way to complement what Tom is saying about hues of pinks, ruby reds, and aubergines for those who want to sparkle and stand out.”

Jenny, who created the shades for Joanne Scholfield’s colour – Joanne is pictured left – agrees with the rise of red hair as a complementary fashion shade: “Reds as bright fine sparkling embers.” Wow! It’s getting hot in here!

“With designers this season using emerald and royal blue in their colour palettes, reds are set to pop as they offset these key shades.

“Big trends for the continuing warmer months ahead ensure there’s a shade of red for every client. We will block colour, or use tonal panels, to deliver strong and striking red results,” she said.

This team may be a little more cutting edge than most, they may be a little more passionate than most, but they are dedicated to providing the best for their clients.

So why not drop in across from Todmorden Market and say hello? After all, it’s still summer and there’s still time to smell the roses...