Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Add style to colour of romance

Style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn
Style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Can you name the colour of romance?

If you can, store it for a moment; keep it in mind.

Now what is the colour of love? Keep that in mind as well for the time being.

For some the colour of love is gold or platinum, as in a setting for diamonds and rubies, even when colouring their hair, its sophisticated and exciting like their jewellery. We all know the legends of the golden blondes and radiant platinum and red heads.

For some the colour of romance is black, the colour worn most by people in romantic settings; invoking mystery mysticism and intrigue perhaps. For others the colour is white, the

bridal colour of purity; uniquely the colour of both innocence and age.

What did you chose? It’s your personal choice, it makes up your personal style and it’s what you like; that’s what counts. There is no wrong answer.

And although some choices may “appear” more right for you than others, for most the hair stylist safely guides the way.

Sure there are trends, , but style trends are like all art, a platform to lift from, and a starting place not the destination.

Salons like Stone Hair Art in Todmorden offer great artists and stylists who make magic happen with you for you, using their creative skills, without breaking the bank.

According to Trevor Harding, managing partner, “We have a deep passion for creative skills here. We are very bold and daring offering a different perspective because of our vast experience on professional stages around the world. Our clients enjoy a ‘Rolls Royce’ experience at great value for money. In the new century value is what really counts.”

In less than a fortnight the global equivalent of over ten billion pounds will be spent to celebrate the love we feel on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Few have the inclination to spend valuable time and hard earned cash on something as frivolous as our image on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. According to the tourist board, in Calderdale we’re gritty not pretty, so hold the frivolous!

However luxury and glamour are important parts of being human. We express ourselves to others and to our inner selves. It feels good to do so. We all love to be noticed. Art, including hair art, is an accepted pathway to social and personal expression about who we are or want to be.

If you walk around Tod you will see every variant of hair and hair style imaginable, it’s wonderful. But Valentine’s Day is not just another day. For most, it’s a day dedicated to

reviving special feelings of romance; how we felt and how we looked to the most special person in the world on that special day.

So what do cupid’s hair stylists have to offer as guidance for this day?

“Chop chop. Snip snip. Oh what a relief it is!” sings Loucas Gorgio, artistic director at Stone Hair Art. “Put life in your hair! This Valentine’s Day, there is no excuse to have dull lifeless hair.”

Loucas is passionate about style and colour, both in the salon and in his extensive artist’s studio, putting brush to canvas.

“Last year’s hair was long, really long and wavy. As I said that was last year. Now it’s time to trim those locks to a medium length at least, and if you want to be on trend, even shorter.

“The ‘bob’ cut is on fire right now, and will let you show off your Christmas ear-blings, or your new Valentine’s Day diamond choker. Cutting your hair adds immediate life to your hair. It’s a healthy, easy and inexpensive way to give your hair some freedom and movement, you have to look immaculate.

“For men it’s the well-trimmed beard, for women it’s short sharp and sleek like a 21st century “pixie”. Of course, all women are free to do whatever they want with their hair, we’re just

talking about style. This is how I guide my clients who want the very best; proper salons like ours offer you the hair of your dreams.”

Stone Hair stylists Charlotte and Jenny, chat about how short hair is easier to dry in the winter months.

“It also tucks easier under winter hoods and knitted hats, with the benefit of having less hair to colour so it takes less time to do,” they say. “Short hair also compliments the return to the crop top and fringe on fashion runways.

“Colours are seasonally oriented so short with winter colour and then change the colour for summer”.

Tom, Stone Hair Art’s celebrity connection, loves this season and adds: “Warm reddish browns have replaced the brighter blonds as colour of choice on this award season’s red carpet.”

Remember the opening question, the colour of romance and love? Remember you choice?

Well this year’s choice among the fashionista according to Tom seems to be all about red, in shades from red chilli fire to luxurious deep Marsala.

Now is the time to make the change, according to Trevor, still time to book in at your favourite salon. Stone Hair itself has a 20 per cent saving offer available for a limited time.

By the time Valentine’s Day arrives, you can look seasonally stylish, and extra-special.