Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: All ages are getting the buzz for fashion at charity show

Taking part in the UCCA spring fashion show
Taking part in the UCCA spring fashion show

Upper Calder Charities Assist has made more than a little difference this year with the proceeds they raised at their last fashion show.

Flood victims and children’s projects found relief funding right here with UCCA and those who support its events. Now Shirley is busy planning the November Fashion Show in Todmorden. “It’s going to be the biggest event yet!” she says.

Now you’re talking Shirley. With the seasons coming toward us, Halloween is the next big night and that’s Shirley’s fashion show theme.

“The fashion shows have gone from strength to strength, especially for boosting the confidence of the kids who participate each year.

“We work with all age groups in presenting the latest fashions from Calder Valley retail stores. Not only are we building charitable funds in our valley, we’re also building self-esteem and confidence in our youth who participate. It takes guts to step up and help.

“Young people who may have been a little reluctant to go on stage or get involved now are fully engaged in the shows year after year; they felt the ‘buzz’ getting involved in something good for their community.

“They’re setting an example for others. The shows create a local platform for building confidence using art, fashion, staging skills, and community spirit.

“Those who help behind the scenes building stages, sound engineers, hair and make-up are all part of it. We are building skills in staging, design hand crafts and in specialised skills like media, hospitality and event management.”

Shirley’s conviction is contagious. “It has to start somewhere. I remembered the buzz from modelling for the ‘Forget Me Not’ charity fashion show a few years ago. I thought ‘Why not do this in Todmorden, I’m not afraid to take a risk!’ It’s a lot of work, but it offers a lot of beautiful rewards for everyone involved to share. We are now planning a special educational program with local schools to develop hospitality skills,” she said.

“Hopefully this translates to new jobs for our community’s future. If it helps kids plan for jobs or promotes Todmorden and its local resources, why not?”

If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I say Shirley has a beautiful way of sustaining a beautiful feeling all day.

Get advice on the right haircut for you, wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable for the whole day, and take part in some community charitable event, like Todmorden’s fashion show for Halloween.

I enjoyed my brief chat with Loucas and Shirley about the meanings of beauty. I felt inspired as I left, listening to the trailing conversation, discussing a possible special TV personality’s appearance at the November show.

“You know, the one from BBC …” Loucas’s voice was drowned out by someone cheerfully interjecting “Shirley has friends on Emmerdale who want to help…”.

I couldn’t hear the rest, so we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we Shirley?