Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Consultation is the key to great results

Jenny, head colourist at Stone Hair Art, Todmorden
Jenny, head colourist at Stone Hair Art, Todmorden

The professional focus of this group sees them taking the time to develop a unique artistic expression for each individual client.

Jenny Baldwin, head of colour at Stone Hair Art, says the colour used in the salon is just as important as the person applying it.

“I’ve had intensive training over the years and have done a lot of research to become an acknowledged expert in my field. My consultation with clients takes into account detailed features of their individual skin tone, their existing colour, their grey coverage and how to keep their hair in tune with their lifestyle while adding a new and exciting dimension to their image for them,” she said.

“We offer a range of expert techniques, so that colours used have maximum impact. It takes a lot of time to learn about proper colour placement, and how the colour can enhance your particular cut. Our special techniques are key in keeping our clients excited about their colour options, and also keep them at the forefront of trends for the future season. That is very important to Stone Hair Art customers, our clients are not wall flower types.”

When one looks around this salon it confirms Jenny’s statement. Everyone looks glamorous and elegant in their own unique way; they could all be models or stage personalities; they look like the world’s shakers and movers exchanging lively conversations about luxury destinations.

Jenny continues: “We are getting very busy with people preparing for the seasons now. We have the hottest items. Seamless hand painted highlights, known as flying colours, continue to dominate appointments. Our clients love that it frees them from the obligatory frequent returns you can have with other colour applications. This is easier for our clients to maintain.

“Balayage looks so natural and grows out so beautifully we can have just a few pieces to create a stunning look, which is easy to keep and easy on the purse. A semi, demi, or quasi permanent colour is perfect for the sort of client who wants to always look her best but may not have the time for the upkeep.

“When it comes to autumn and winter I believe ‘colourful’ is the buzzword. The hottest trend with clients is the application of multi-coloured hues of different tones, so finely placed; it gives the appearance of the colour naturally growing from the roots.”

As Jenny is talking I notice her own cut and colour is so strikingly deep and has such scrumptious tones it begs to be touched. Watching Jenny work and the resulting delight of her client can’t really be described here in words. I can say breath-taking, posh, electrifying et cetera, but you really have to see it to appreciate the natural elegance achieved.

This client, a business woman who travelled by train from Halifax, was unhappy with another salon’s results. Now she was beaming in front of the mirror.

Jenny had offered a consultation and did a 24-hour patch test. The beautiful multi-colour option along with a few face-framing slices repaired her damaged hair “brilliantly”. Result!

Hair is art according to Loucas Giorgio and his team in Todmorden. Who wants to be a reprint of last year’s picture?

Why not create something new, exciting and uniquely you? Why not release the artist in you? Isn’t that what we all want to do?