Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: Four ‘I didn’t knows...’ about summer hair

Wendy  of Todmorden, on Todmorden Market - styled by Stone Hair Art
Wendy of Todmorden, on Todmorden Market - styled by Stone Hair Art

Finally! Summer is here.

Todmorden is bursting with colour, hills are green and blossoms paint the landscape everywhere you look.

Todmorden and Calder Valley have put on their best and are looking sharp. Shirley Fielder’s team put on a wonderful Agricultural show in Centre Vale Park a fortnight ago where thousands enjoyed Todmorden’s hospitality and unique brand of craft and talent.

This weekend’s Tour de France will be bringing thousands more. We are squarely in the centre of the nation’s (and the world’s) envious eyes this summer of 2014.

As with any other season, summer brings its own character; its own kind of beauty, and demands its own type of care and conditioning to keep nature looking its best.

During the summer, our scalps and hair require special care to ensure continued health all year around. As Loucas Giorgio of Todmorden hair salon Stone Hair Art puts it: “In the winter our scalps are covered

with hats, scarves and hoods to keep out the weather. Inside buildings the air is dry and heated at work and at home. These facts change the condition of our skin, scalp and our hair.

“Then in summer all that changes again for a few months. Windows are opened, hats are put away and finally our scalp gets to breathe fresh air. We are outdoors more, we travel more, and we experience more when the weather is warmer. Our scalp sweats with exercise releasing impurities through our skin, chlorine in swimming pools dries our skin and changes our colour and a burning hot sun bakes it all for hours at our favourite holiday retreat.”

It’s kind of a grim holiday picture but of course he is correct. And Loucas elaborates: “Today there is no excuse for summer’s damaging trends. Today we know how to keep hair beautiful all year, but it takes know-how and a plan of action. We cut off the dead weight if there is any. Even the Kardashians trim hair ends or use layers for a fresh summer version of their exquisite long hair. There are theories as well of some people shedding more hair in some seasons than others.” Here are four summer issues.

1. Does my hair shed in the summer like my pet’s hair?

In Huffpost Lifestyle hair loss expert Jonny Harris said: “The most common worry that I hear of is from people concerned about ‘seasonal’ hair loss. Whilst there has been no proven cause and effect here, there certainly seems to be a common trend whereby shedding is triggered in the summer months, resulting in increased hair fall in the autumn, based on the fact that once hairs are prematurely sent into their resting phase, it takes around three months for them to shed, so triggered hair loss is never instant.”

So, no need to worry just because more hair than usual fills the brush, if it only happens during “shedding season” or autumn.

2. Does hair frizz more in the summer?

Yes. You are not alone. If you live in a humid climate, like Calder Valley in the summer, your hair may frizz more than when in dry climates, according to the majority of the people asked who live here with frizzy hair problems. Moisturisers relieve frizz. When finishing using moisturiser on your face in the summer, adding a couple of drops of water to your hands and running them through the ends of your hair to moisturise the ends and cut down the frizz is a good tip; some beach sophisticates use alcohol free sun lotions the same way.

Read the label, and as long as its natural and alcohol free, if you use it on your skin, why not apply it to your scalp, especially when you tie your hair back or its wet or styled so more scalp is exposed. Mingling natural oils with your hair will help protect it against the harshness of the summer sun, helping reduce split ends and dry flakes.

Loucas explains: “Here in Todmorden I grow olive trees in my garden. Olive oil has always been used to treat dry breaking hair and keep the skin of the head healthy as a natural moisturiser. All around the Mediterranean women have used olive oil to moisturise and nourish their hair since ancient times.”

3. Does the summer make my hair dye go off?

Depends on how your hair was coloured, seems to be the honest answer. If done professionally and correctly then, no, your hair colour should not change or go off due to the weather or natural atmospheric conditions. DIY jobs done with off the self-products are a different story all together. Trevor Harding, salon partner at Stone Hair Art said: “If off the shelf solutions offered professional results we’d be out of business. Honestly, hair professionals know the difference, that’s why no salon would ever use off the shelf-products.”

Jenny, colour specialist at Stone, added: “Colours are not necessarily compatible across different brands. Each brand has their own way of doing things and sometimes their chemicals don’t mix well, causing chemical reactions your scalp that can discolour and even in severe cases burn. Only use professional colour if you want the best results. Also packaged dyes deeply discounted may have out lived their shelf

life for various reasons including upcoming regulations so beware!”

4. Are there any rules about hair dye for under 16s?

Yes! It’s not allowed! Ever! Jenny said: “We have young teenage girls who come in, some with their parents, and want us to do this that and the other to their hair colour. We don’t serve them, we have to refuse.

“We want confirmed documented proof from our existing customer that their child has passed their 16th birthday if hair colour is requested.” Loucas himself adds: “This recommendation comes from the EU Commission and must be stated on all oxidative and non-oxidative coloration products since November 2011. And quoting a colleague of mine ‘this covers just about every off the shelf hair dye there is’. We don’t colour under 16s’ hair and if they do it themselves, we will not correct it. All licensed professionals in the UK are under EU jurisdiction and must fully comply - it’s for the safety of children.”

This summer why not take off your hat and enjoy the fresh air?

Feel the rain in your hair, let the wind blow it dry, and remember to use replenishing oils on your skin, scalp and hair when it gets really hot.