Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art: ‘Lifting dreary moods with dancing dashes of light’

Colour me - Peach
Colour me - Peach

Stylist Jenny says: “We’re bringing our new fruit pastels colour campaign adding more warmth, depth and volume to our client’s hair.”

Jenny’s loves this time of year.

“November brings change to our surroundings, our homes, our clothes.

“Everything changes to different layers of colours, shapes, and textures; richness we bring to our client’s hair as well.

“This year’s biggest market revolves around rich chocolate colours and some would not be brave enough to add pastels of colour to long dark hair, but we know how to make it work, and I think it works great if the hair is capable of taking the process.

“Most hair isn’t!”

Loucas has taught his team a special process that works.

Now apricots and rhubarbs, berries in blues and shades of plum colouring, strawberry, purple, damson, raspberry, apple green and yellow are all in this year for his clients.

Loucas elaborates: “You can go from dark to a patch of pastel colour but most people’s hair must be treated first because of their hair’s condition.

“We must be careful to not damage already weakened hair.

“We have a special process to take the colour to a strawberry first, especially when cutting or shortening hair.

“Mono-colour doesn’t do a good short haircut justice.

“Why pay good money to have a great cut and then have boring mono-colour not show all the cuts dimensions? Horrendous!

“It’s like watching black and white television darling, it’s ok for one movie but it’s no way to live.

“Today we are multidimensional beings, especially when it comes to cut, colour and texture of our hair.

“It takes a lot of skill to get it right. For blond hair we move to a chocolate with strawberry mix, a very warm effect to soften very white blond to provide depth.

“This is better for the condition of the hair. Bleaching to get blond after all is very hard on your hair, scalp and skin.

“We provide the healthy alternative to bleaching.

“If you want blond hair and you want to keep it very long you need an alternative to bleach or suffer long term bleaching damage.

“Our solutions soften the colour as well as maintain the better condition of the hair, without restricting you to a monochrome approach and failing to show your cuts deep definition.

“If your hair has a detail cut fringe our approach uses colour to emphasise that detail! Fringe can be made very interesting, once given dimension.”

We live in a multi-dimensional reality now just as Loucas says.

Colour is a good way of expressing those dimensions in your life.

Windows of strawberry now appear magically, as Jenny applies the finishing touches, each an exciting nanosecond flash of colour.

She says: “We can achieve a new dimension with pastel of strawberry falling through long curls. Or the more adventurous, we can do illusions of purple pastels as well.

“We can lift those dreary winter moods with dancing dashes of light.”

Why not? It seems tradition has always portrayed this time of year with baskets full of fruit and colours in

abundance. That’s part of the natural beauty that adorns our rural community.

OK Loucas, we’ve got the picture.