Hair and beauty with Stone Hair Art - Wordl looks that can be recreated here

Cut and colour by Jenny, of Stone Hair Art, Todmorden
Cut and colour by Jenny, of Stone Hair Art, Todmorden

While sitting in Stone Hair Art in Todmorden recently I was involved in a discussion with Jenny, an amazing “rising star” stylist working under the guidance of perfectionist-in-hair Loucas Giorgio.

She recently visited Mexico and shared the following observations.

“It’s funny even when you are on holiday relaxing in a country with a foreign language, you still have a connection with people through style and notice the similarities and differences in the ways they do their hair.

“Hair style is like a universal language among women. We notice each other’s hair no matter what cultures we visit. The natural beauty of the Mayan culture and the people who inherited it surrounded us and it was amazing to immerse ourselves in it.

“Ladies wore their dark flowing hair tied with swatches of beautiful hand woven fabric, flowers and accessories of every description. Women’s hair in Mexico tends to be worn long and luxurious, with natural curls cascading and they hold hair accessories really well.

“The other noticeable character is how shiny and soft their hair looks with an intense richness to its colour and texture. Those same rich looks and magnificent textures can be created right here in Todmorden, with the natural ingredients I use at the salon.”

Top quality products are just part of the key to getting “bounce and buoyancy” in a full head of hair, Jenny says. “When

ingredients are rich it’s about using the right amount of product for the nature of the hair my client has, all hair is not created equal. Professional applications like ours make hair care less expensive, you use fewer products over a lifetime.

“Now in the world of more is better most people use too much product on their hair and don’t spend the appropriate time, so a residue builds dulling colour and blocking pores, it leads to damaged hair and in severe cases hair loss. With quality products ‘less is more’. A pea sized amount of the right product creates fabulous results and lets your hair’s natural beauty and texture shine through the way it was meant to. These ancient cultures around the world knew how to keep hair beautiful and healthy naturally and we are bringing that style and special knowledge back to our clients here in Todmorden.”

Tom has a different point of view. He is another “perfect style” and colour specialist at Stone Hair Art and gets his holiday inspiration from international fashion shows and award ceremonies.

“The award ceremonies from the Emmys to the VMA showed glamour raised its bar again this year. It’s a whole new level for 2015, there’s a whole new set of standards being presented and sleepers are left out. One after the other, stunning celebrities presented a new level of gorgeous with no two looking the same.

“The Audrey Hepburn bun was gloriously reborn with ‘sun kissed’ high-lights crowing and exploding throughout. It’s glamorous yet effortless and that’s the attraction. I can’t wait to use it here. My second inspiration was a lingerie show in Los Angeles; the model had long fluid waves of soft pastel coloured tones weaved into her natural colour of autumn blonde. Stunning! Again it was subtle and yet so easy for me to replicate for my clients here.”

According to Tom and Jenny, you can get a head start on style for 2015 right here in Calder Valley. Glamorous, elegant, individual and effortless styles and colours are waiting for you at Stone Hair Art in Todmorden this October.