Handmade Parade theme 2014 - not just endangered, but brought back to life!

Impressive and exotic creations made for a previous Handmade Parade. Picture by Ian Hodgson
Impressive and exotic creations made for a previous Handmade Parade. Picture by Ian Hodgson
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An Endangerous Expedition will be coming through Hebden Bridge on June 8, and Handmade Parade organisers would like to invite everyone to join in.

Hot on the heels of the success of the Fantastical Cycle Parade in Todmorden comes the announcement that the theme for this year’s Handmade Parade will be endangered and extinct animals in four environments: Polar, Ocean, Desert/Savannah and Jungle.

Each section of the Endangerous Expedition will have a giant animal with a child explorer on it and the sections will draw on design and decorative motifs of cultures from those areas.

Expect to see giant turtles, amazing sea creatures, a polar bear and a sprinkling of creatures who no longer grace our planet but will be brought back to life on the day.

The theme was chosen after the Handmade Parade Spark Day in March when all the ideas made through suggestion boxes at the Co-op and Hebden Bridge Library were considered.

Parade organiser Hannah Merriman said: “Spark Day was wonderful, it’s so great to see how many people share their ideas for the parade every year.

“I love this year’s theme and can’t wait to see what people will create.

“It was great to see so many people from out of town come to Todmorden for the Fantastical Cycle Parade and I’m sure they all had a great time.

“Not only that, but we get to do it all over again, a bit further down the valley, in Hebden this time.

“More wild creatures, more adventures and more exploration into the unknown - come and make this a summer to never forget!”

Organisers would especially like to welcome anyone interested in volunteering for the parade. Ms Merriman said: “There are a host of ways you can get involved.

“If you’ve volunteered before, we’d love to see you again, and if you haven’t, please do get in touch and we’ll give you a warm welcome.”

To find out more go along to the Crown Inn on Crown Street on Monday, May 12, at 2.30pm or 6.30pm. Volunteer co-ordinator Sue will be sitting up in the right hand corner.

Or anyone interested can email her on volunteer@handmadeparade.co.uk

The Parade

The Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, now in its seventh year, will take place on Sunday June 8 with open workshops beginning on May 17.

Previous themes have included a Deluge of Delights, the Glorious Garden Party, a Hop, Skip and a Jump, the Fabulous Feast and the Enchanted Forest and have inspired creations such as bees on scooters, fluorescent aliens, stilt-walking geese and a mechanical spider.