Harley’s design just the ticket for Todmorden school’s three-in-one drama

Winner: Harley with her poster
Winner: Harley with her poster

Ferney Lee pupil ten-year-old Harley Raison won the competition to design a poster for the Todmorden school’s drama production being staged next Wednesday at the town’s Hippodrome Theatre, with matinee and evening performances.

Christabel Grasby, of Drama North, has worked with pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 to perform three plays she has adapted for them on Wednesday, December 13, and tickets at £3 each are available by logging on to www.ticketsource.co.uk/ferney-lee-primary-school to book seats.

The Giant Jam Sandwich, The Ever Open Door and an interpretation of the Victorian classic, Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, comprise the show, which has musical accompaniment throughout.

School headteacher John Moss has invited a class from each Tomorden school free of charge to come to the matinee performance, also Ferney Lee Residential Care residents.

The children taking part in the competition were asked to focus on their learning regarding the Victorians. Harley’s fabulous poster, which draws on the stark darkness of the drama production, is being used as the promotional material around Calderdale.