Health and beauty by Stone Hair Art: The best way to care for thinning hair

Trevor, operations director of Stone Hair Art, says the salon devotes a lot of time to digging deep, finding all about any history of colour, hair treatments, and reactions in the past such as scalp disorders.

“With each new client we complete a thorough relevant questionnaire to get the full picture before making any recommendations. It’s a great way for us to really get to know what our client wants. That allows us to focus all our specialists’ skills,” he said.

Each individual, every product, and every interaction must reflect our efforts to embrace the customer’s highest expectations by the start.

“Another example is thinning hair. With news that 50 per cent of all men and women visiting salons today have thinning hair, integrity again is an important issue. Retail stores carry miles of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and colour applications for thickening or cosmetic touch ups to seduce this huge growing market. Some applications sound juvenile, like paint on and spray on school projects.

Trevor says: “Thinning hair is a fact of life for many and over a life time customers spend fortunes needlessly just because of trendy marketing campaigns they saw or were sold on, but the truth is only a few products and techniques work in a healthy sustainable way.

“Today new products from reputable companies like Nioxin meet the demand for fast safe applications applied by ethical professionals. We used to say ‘your hair didn’t thin in a day and it can’t be thickened in a day either’ but now that has changed, our finely honed techniques and skill provide instant results.”

Loucas and Trevor are very excited about this and it ignites the passion of their staff as well. Tom, specialising in men’s cuts and styles, adds his view. “It’s helping people suffering from thinning without leaving tell-tale signs, so the way we do it nobody knows they’re using it. We are treating the scalp and thickening the hair immediately without making it look and feel weighed down, our customers want a natural look and feel.“