Health and beauty with Imogen Thorpe: Imogen’s top ten hair care tips

If only we all woke up looking like we’d just left the hair salon...but alas, we don’t. So here, in Imogen’s top ten, are some products we just shouldn’t live without.

1. A Dust - Made famous by Schwarzkopf’s Dust It, these mattifying powders are great for adding volume where needed.

2. Boar Bristle Brushes - unlike plastic bristle brushes, boar bristles won’t damage the hair when heated up. Instead, you’ll be left with incredible lustrous shine.

3 and 4. A professional shampoo and conditioner - find the perfect one for your hair whether it be for your colour, curls, or condition. Davines’ Essential Hair Care selection are a personal favorite of mine.

5. A curling wand - I get so excited when people say they don’t curl their hair. They’ve obviously never come across a hair curling wand. With its cone-shaped appearance it can be used on longer hair and shorter hair, creating beautiful natural looking curls and waves depending on how you use it. It can get tricky to use at first, but just persevere!

6. A heat protecter - if you use heated tools you must use a heat protecter. Remember, happy, healthy hair.

7. Defusers - straight hair is quickly going out of fashion, we want movement, sophisticated tossels and lustrous curls! Using a heat defuser on the end of your hair dryer, flip your head upside down, touching your hair as little as possible to help you enhance any natural movement you have in your hair.

8. Intensive conditioners - your ticket to celebrity perfect hair. These special conditioners don’t just sit on your hair shaft like your usual conditioners, they work into the cortex and help re-build any damage created from our relentless hair torment.

9. Styling serum - My lifesaver sometimes. When all seems to be going wrong with my hair, a good serum can help tame unruly hair and tame down fly-aways!

10.Tangle Teezers - this genius invention has been a god send from little tots to grannies’ perms. It’s tiny little bristles “teeze” their way through the hair to untangle knots and avoid any unnecessary breakage. It glides through curls without disturbing the structure and doesn’t show comb marks when styling.