Health and beauty with Stone Hair Art: A diamond look - cut and colour distinguish us

What’s in a name?

Parents spend months deciding what their new born will be called.

Kids in the playground make up “nicknames” that can stick like glue and hurt forever. Rock and roll bands hope to stamp their brand in our memories, while restaurants and other service businesses are very careful to use names that entice us and sell their unique characteristics.

Hair salons in the UK are certainly no exception; often using clever names filled with innuendo to play on our emotions. It’s the name game and at one time or another we’ve all played a role in it.

This last group, hair salons, is especially entertaining competing for the “head of the class” with all that their names imply and promise.

Unfortunately lately there have been more and more complaints about hairdressers who are not living up to the promises their salon name implies. Because of these types of complaints, which are growing in number, there has been talk about compulsory regulation of the hairdressing industry in the UK during the past few years. At the moment, anyone can open a hairdressing salon or work in the industry without any qualifications whatsoever. So until there is regulation, it’s “buyer beware” if you want to avoid having a Halloween hair experience all year round!

This may be why the smart money is so very careful to search beyond the novelty of a name and peek inside the salon’s talent before committing themselves or their “image”.

The smart buyers demand experience, integrity and excellence when improving or upgrading something as significant and precious as their personal “image”. They want only the best when it comes to cut, style and colour and they understand the folly of taking it all for granted.

Hair is so important because, just like with a diamond, the cut and colour distinguish us, defining our persona for that moment; it’s what gets us noticed at the event we are participating in. We judge people by what we see.

It may not be fair but it is normal and natural, it’s the way the world is now, and as long as people have eyes and can see, it’s no use trying to fight it. Your image is at risk!

If you’re Kate Moss or Miley Cyrus, you have a whole team that helps you work out and

plan how you’re to be perceived; they

help you set trends and help you start styles.

For the rest of us it’s a constant hunt for the best cut, the best style, and the best colour our money can buy. We want the edge.

Stone Hair Art in Todmorden feel hair is our most important investment when it comes to individual style.

They see every head of hair, every face and every person as a work of art.

Loucas Giorgio, three-time winner of Hair Stylist of the Year and artistic director of the salon in Todmorden, says he is first and foremost an artist.

His paintings sell to a global list of collectors, but Hair Art is his real passion.

His style is dedicated to making sure no matter what needs doing or where you are going, you are a living, breathing, moving work of art.

Loucas claims he looks for the “artist’s soul” in his team. He trains his staff in specialised techniques and demands perfection in salon skills. He sets the bar very high.

Stone Hair Art’s incredible “A List” of clients seems to be a testament that there is a growing demand for exceptionally high standards; this team of pros deliver. They are living the Giorgio vision; each client is an expression of art. This cutting edge may be just the ticket if you’re looking for a brand new experience. It’s Hair Art, the name says it all!

“These days hair isn’t meant to be safe, you’re not supposed to just hide behind long hair and yesteryear styles and colours.

“You are expected to inject some Hair Art into your look no matter how old you are,” says Loucas.

It’s thrilling to hear the passion about how a client looks when they leave the salon. The sparkle in Loucas’s eyes and his years of experience developing what looks best, turn heads to say the least.

“Today it’s all about guaranteeing complete client satisfaction while staying within clients’ budgets,” he said.