Bugs still in the air

Spring may be in the air, but winter bugs are still doing the rounds in the district, with the number of sufferers currently at the sort of level health experts expect to see in the depths of winter.

So where do patients with flu and vomiting bugs go for help?  The best advice from NHS Calderdale is stay at home! 

You’ll help to stop your germs spreading, and with some simple remedies, you should soon be feeling better, say health chiefs.

“These winter bugs undoubtedly make you feel rotten,” said Dr Graham Wardman, director of public health, “but most people will recover from their worst effects within a couple of days if they stay warm, drink plenty and take paracetamol which is widely available from chemists and shops.

“Only people who develop breathing difficulties or aren’t feeling better after two or three days should see their doctor.”

He pleaded with people to observe the “catch it, bin it, kill it” hygiene guidance to help stop winter bugs spreading: carry tissues to sneeze into; throw them away immediately; and make sure hands are washed frequently so bugs can’t be spread by contaminated surfaces.  

“It’s in everyone’s interests to stop giving these nasty viruses a helping hand to spread themselves about,” said Dr Wardman.