Life-saving kit to be installed at valley venues

John Tudor and Bridie Healey with the new public defibrillator at the Fielden Centre, Todmorden.
John Tudor and Bridie Healey with the new public defibrillator at the Fielden Centre, Todmorden.
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A health group has installed a public defibrillator in an upper Calder Valley community venue, and more will follow in the coming months.

CREW (Cardiac Rehabilitation through Exercise and Walking) has placed the life-saving equipment at the Fielden Centre, Todmorden, and is training people how to use it an emergency.

The charity has launched a fundraising campaign with the aim of providing defibrillators in all community buildings where its exercise sessions are held.

John Tudor, of CREW, said: “We have Upbeat, who provide the exercise instructors who run classes in Todmorden each week.

“Because they come from Halifax, they have to carry a defibrillator with them.

“But we thought because we have two defibrillators, the best thing we could do is put defibrillators in exercise venues throughout Calderdale.

“We’ve put one in Todmorden and we’ll also be putting one in a Halifax venue shortly.

“We train people to use the defibrillator.

“It is not just for use by us, it’s other groups too.”

A fundraising walk organised by CREW will take place later this month.

John has also welcomed Calderdale Council’s defibrillator policy, which will provide life-saving equipment in council buildings used by many people.

In addition to the 12 defibrillators already sited in Calderdale, another six will be installed at venues including Todmorden Community College and the Customer First office at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Coun Steve Sweeney, Calderdale Council’s cabinet member for communities, said: “Calderdale Council are leading the way with the provision of life-saving equipment at sites across the borough.

“We are one of the only authorities in Yorkshire to have a clear defibrillator policy, which has the potential to save many lives.

“This is not something which is required by law, but something Calderdale is committed to – ensuring the safety of visitors and residents.”