Healthy and beauty with Imogen Thorpe: Hair’s your best accessory, so treat it well

Read the contents labels of all products carefully
Read the contents labels of all products carefully

It’s a story that starts with: “We don’t know what we’ve got ‘till it’s gone!”

The story we hear about, and in some cases you’re the one that has to tell it.

Whatever the context of your woes, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to pre-warn us?

It’s a Saturday afternoon in the Todmorden salon and a good friend of mine has made her way from Hebden Bridge to have her hair done.

It’s been six months since she texted me telling me she’d made a big mistake and seriously damaged her hair whilst doing some home hair colouring.

Her hair had broken off an inch away from her scalp in places and the rest of her hair was left frazzled and distressed.

With her hair still far from a healthy condition she’s finally taken up my advice on scrapping the product she was using and swapping it for good quality professional shampoo.

Our hair is made up from a protein called Keratin, which in itself contains a whopping 21 different amino acids.

We compromise the condition of our hair by, let’s be honest, neglecting and mistreating it in our punishing maintenance ritual of colouring, heated styling and usage of harsh drugstore products. As if it’s all not enough, Did you know sun and atmosphere pollution are aggressors that can contribute to damaged distressed hair?

I pose the question; how much money do we spend on skin care and cosmetics for our face? From anti-aging creams to spf foundations?

So why, oh why, do we continue to avoid spending that little bit extra on products that are going to help your hair look and feel healthier than ever?

Look for panthenol, essential oils algae extracts, wheatgerms and silk proteins. these are all ingredients that nourish our hair into good health and preventing further damage. Sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium lauryl/lauren sulfate and ammonium xylene sulfate, well, my parents always taught me.. “If you can’t pronounce it, avoid it!”

These detergent ingredients are used in many lower cost shampoos and conditioners and scientifically proven to contribute to hair breakage.

Whether you have tumbling curls or your hair’s sleek and straight, all hair has the potential to look as glamorous as the stars.

It’s often I like to remind people, “Your hair is your greatest accessory!”