Help me find a new home, for Stephen’s sake

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A WOMAN has spoken of her frustration at trying to locate more suitable accommodation for her disabled husband.

For several months Melanie Lord, of Dineley Avenue, Todmorden, has been looking to find a new home which better suits the needs of her husband Stephen, who suffered a stroke last year.

She has been in regular contact with Pennine Housing to try to secure a move but so far her attempts have been unsuccessful.

“I live up on Dineley and it’s a bit too far for me to walk to Todmorden with him because he is in a wheelchair now,” she said.

“I have to walk to the phone box on Oak Avenue to catch the bus. Then I have to come all the way round from Stile Road when coming back.

“I have got a bad back now. If it was not for the occupational therapist getting a lift, I would still be getting him out of the bath myself.

“I have to move for Stephen’s sake because he can’t get out and do anything. It’s really frustrating.

“I have been trying since October. There’s still no sign of anything happening yet.

“I just need to get into the town centre. I want to move for Stephen’s sake because he can’t be left on his own because he can’t walk.”

She asked Pennine Housing if they could adapt her current home but was told that was not possible as she had applied for a move.

She has been told she is not eligible for a flat as neither she nor Stephen are aged over 50 and they have a teenage son who is still living at home.

A spokesperson for Pennine Housing said: “We do not wish to comment on individual applicants and their personal circumstances.

“We will contact the lady in question to make sure that she is fully aware of the options available.”