Help us get ready for the spring judging

Gardening is more popular in this country than in any other.

Mostly, our climate is really good for growing too. Gardening is emotionally satisfying and environmentally pleasing.

Beautiful gardens create a sense of pride and accomplishment. In our fast and demanding modern lives a garden can be a haven of peace. A place to relax, a great learning curve in patience and nature always brings rewards. However small, your personal outdoor space offers you tranquility.

Spring is in the air now. The changing seasons bring variety from new life emerging, to blazes of stunning colour in midsummer, to dormancy through winter. At this time of year, keen gardeners notice changes afoot almost every day.

If you have never had the opportunity to grow your own, you could start by visiting our local garden centre and your nearest library for a book about growing plants. Just have a try with the magic of seeds! Basically all you need is a packet of annual seeds (sewn to flower later this summer) and some compost, plus reading instructions carefully and some ingenious recycling for containers.

Todmorden in Bloom always welcomes new members to our small group working around the town centre for the benefit of all. In April we shall be judged for the Royal Horticultural Society’s Yorkshire in Bloom competition.

We shall be working on Fridays March 23 and 30 at 9.30 am from County Bridge opposite Todmorden Town Hall, then Tuesday, April 3, at 6.30 pm.

Please help us by keeping your own shop, office, pub, church and home frontage tidy. Our website is

If you can contribute with ideas or other offers of assistance in any way please phone Jean on 01706 817492 or Norman on 01706 812205.