Hole in the road was step too far for residents

Residents of Bottomley Road, next to the now filled hole, showing the area excavated
Residents of Bottomley Road, next to the now filled hole, showing the area excavated

There has been five years of anguish for Walsden residents who claim concerns over a planning application submitted for their road were not listened to.

Residents of Bottomley Road say they have faced ‘untold disruption’ as utility connections were installed for a new bungalow.

They say they are angry that permission was granted for a bungalow without services to the land.

The problem came to a head last year when works - including a drainage scheme - began and a huge hole was left in the road.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The road was dug up for months with barriers half way across the road, causing damage to cars and causing vehicles difficulty.

“The road was left open and unattended for weeks prior to residents chasing the contractor to fill it in and surface it.”

The hole was then reopened and made bigger “causing real issues in passing, with damage to flags on a property and further damage to cars, they allege.

“In such a tight road, more consideration is required and monitoring by the council,” they said. The hole has now been filled again, but Bottomley Road residents say Calderdale Council should have dealt with a range of concerns more effectively.

Richard Seaman, Calderdale Council’s planning service lead, said: “The council sympathises with the concerns expressed by the residents. Unfortunately, because some temporary disruption is often unavoidable whilst planning permissions are being implemented, this is not one of the factors that would lead to refusal of planning permission.

“The adopted highway will be fully reinstated and inspected by the council after all of the utilities have been installed.”