Hours cut fear on eve of festival

CAMPAIGNERS for Todmorden Library fear it faces seven hours of cuts.

Speaking on the eve of its first festival, Friends of Todmorden Library co-ordinator Steph Booth said she had been told seven hours of cuts were in line and people needed to let Calderdale Council know how highly it was valued.

She also questioned the timing of a visit by a Calderdale official to meet people at the library - on a Monday, one of its less busy days.

A spokesman for Calderdale Council said reducing hours at district and community libraries are both options listed in the public library consultation questionnaire but Cabinet would not take a decision until November because the consultation has almost another four weeks to run.

The council had also yet to learn the views of its scrutiny panel, due to meet tonight.

The spokesman said this was explained on the questionnaire available online or in hard copy from libraries and several other council offices. Mrs Booth has urged people to use and fill in the questionnaire.

The festival takes place at the library, on Rochdale Road, and at other venues including the Queen Hotel, Barearts and Water Street Art Gallery from tomorrow, Friday, September 30, to Sunday, October 1.

Programmes for the weekend are available from the library and other outlets around town, and tickets for events are available from the library.

FOTL was formed to both encourage people to use their library and the services it offers, and fight against any cuts to the service or personnel.