How to retain cutting edge appeal, wherever you are

Stylist Loucas Girogio, of Stone Hair Art salon, Todmorden
Stylist Loucas Girogio, of Stone Hair Art salon, Todmorden

Zero degrees and lower! Now, with season’s greetings behind us, temperatures are heading south and so are the world’s VIPs.

Makeover salons are bustling to accommodate clients who want a refreshing look and a five-star start to 2013’s upcoming Valentine holidays. Their motto is “Leave your worries behind!” as every imaginable salon experience, each with its own unique appeal and careful application, awaits them. Where will they go? Who has the latest technology and techniques? Are you also travelling? Do you have a new look you’re revealing somewhere exciting?

For most of these jet setters, preparation is everything. Experienced tour operators advise what tours are on offer and which is suitable for their clients’ taste. Assistants carefully handle every detail, orchestrating the all-important travel brief with their personal itinerary, detailing how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, right up to where the most coveted tables are and which parties are the ones to attend. Pampering is on the menu.

Fashion models become experts at this pampering and use it to sustain their look when they are in new and different environments. And it shows.

Change for them is fast and flawless; it is the fashionista’s lifestyle. One day it’s all about looking cool on the tropical sunny beaches in Ritz Grand Cayman, 24 hours later they wrap themselves in layers of wool during a photo layout on the frosty solitude of a Russian glacier.

How do they do it? How do you do it? If your morning is ski-ing Mt Blanc, and your evening is candlelit dinning, in both cases you want to look better than ever before, don’t you?

Looking out of place or even fatigued today, makes an unforgivable first impression, and leaves an awful after taste.

If you’re fortunate enough to live the jet set lifestyle you know as well as anyone how important it is to look like “you belong there”. This is a year to shine and why not, haven’t you earned it?

Get the shine right and it’s one of the best feelings in the world, get it wrong and the day can turn to showers.

Below I talk with international fashion model Wendy Beddows about “getting it right” with behind-the-scenes tips and Wendy’s “hall of fame spending sprees” with foundations, lipsticks and hair sprays.

It’s a personal look at what professionals use today, to sustain cutting edge appeal, even when they travel.

The interview takes place in Wendy’s favourite salon, our award-winning Stone Hair Art Salon in Todmorden.